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Letcho 580ml

Letcho 580ml

Letcho is like its French semi-counterpart ratatouille, often stands alone as a lunch dish, in which case it is often consumed with bread. Plain letcho can be served as a side dish accompanying various main dishes, for example roasted chicken, pheasant, pork, beef or steak.

Ingredients: Pepper (Soroksari, pepper capsicum or Bell pepper), tomato puree, Sugar, Salt, Water, Tomato sauce (tomato puree, sugar, salt, water).
Volume: 580ml 720ml
Net weight: 540g 680g
Drained weight: 220g 272g
Nutritional values
Parameter 100g
Energy 100,08 kJ / 24 kcal
Fat 0g
- saturated 0g
- cholesterol 0g
Salt / Natrium 0,59g
Sugars 1,0g
Fibres 0,9g
Proteins 2,0g