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Pinjour 370ml

Pinjour 370ml

Pinjour is similar to Ajvar, but it is generally made with tomatoes. The creation of this traditional relish is a rather long process which involves baking some of the ingredients for hours, as well as roasting the peppers and peeling them. This type of relish is suitable for bread spread, side dish and for pizza and pasta.

Ingredients: Pepper blanched, Pepper roasted, Eggplant roasted, Onion, Crushed red tomatoes, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Parsley, Pfeferoni, Acetic Acid
Volume: 370ml 580ml 720ml
Net weight: 350g 540g 690g
Drained weight: 350g 540g 690g
Nutritional values
Parameter 100g
Energy 292kJ / 70 kcal
Fat 4,0g
- saturated 0g
- cholesterol 0g
Salt / Natrium 1,5g/ 0,59g
Carbohydrates 6,5g
Sugars 2,0g
Fibres 0,9g
Proteins 2,5g