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Lutenitza  314ml

Lutenitza 314ml

Lutenitza is a spicy vegetable relish or chutney in Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian cuisines. Lutenitza may be slightly spicier than the other popular relish; however, these relishes are available in many regional and national variations.
In Bulgaria, Lutenitza comes in a jar and is often used as a bread spread. It is also frequently eaten with many meats, meatballs and steaks Most households have them all year.

Ingredients: Roasted Pepper, Carrots, Tomato puree, Sunflower oil, Sugar, Salt, Parsley, Garlic, Hot pepper, Black pepper powder
Volume: 314ml 370ml 580ml
Net weight: 300g 350g 540g
Drained weight: 300g 350g 540g
Nutritional values
Parameter 100g
Energy 282,73 kJ / 67,8 kcal
Fat 4,0g
- saturated 0g
- cholesterol 0g
Salt / Natrium 1,4g/ 0,55g
Carbohydrates 5,0g
Sugars 3,5g
Fibres 0,9g
Proteins 2,5g