Taste Ajvar 100% natural vegetables

New Receipt Guvetch - Vegetable hotchpotch

Production lines

Production line for pepper roasting

The line has electrically operated ovens with a capacity of 10-12 tons of raw materials daily. The cleaning is done automatically by a rotating peeler, after which the produce is inspected and then is further cleaned on the inspection transporter.

Line for production of mashed products

Ajvar vegetable spread, pinjour vegetable spread, vegetable pastes, jams, fruit and vegetable mashes with a capacity of 20 tons of ready product daily. The line is equipped with a vacuum evaporating installation with three vacuum units, a dosing machine with 8 heads and a pasteurizer with a capacity of 2000 jars/h (720ml).

Line for Ready-to-Eat products and hotch-potches

It has a frying vessel with a capacity of 650 kg/h and a total daily capacity of 15 tons ready product. The line can close the ready products in various metal packings. The sterilization is done in a horizontal autoclave with a programmable control of t°С, pressure and time.

Line for production of salads and pickles

This line has inspection transporters, water blanching unit with a capacity of 2000 kg/h and two types of cutters of leaf and tuber vegetables.

Labeling machine

Equipped with two labeling machines for paper and self-adhesive labels, two foil machines and a palletizer.